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SBL Homeopathy Homeodent Tooth-Paste

Homeodent Tooth-Paste

Homeodent Tooth-Paste is a combination of natural homeopathic remedies that give you white and healthy teeth. This toothpaste made up of natural ingredients provides white glistening teeth if used regularly two times a day. The remedies used this toothpaste are useful for the treatment of any gum or teeth diseases.

This toothpaste can be used by every member of the house for protection of teeth against infection. In children who eat more sweets, this natural toothpaste works very well in the prevention of growth of micro-organisms causing damage to teeth.

Homeodent toothpaste is natural toothpaste that helps in prevention of formation of cavities.

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Advantages of Homeodent toothpaste
• Homeodent toothpaste is prepared from natural homeopathic remedies and is absolutely safe and good for your teeth health
• Homeodent toothpaste not only prevents teeth but it also provides good health of the gums as well. Homeodent toothpaste can be used as a preventive against gum diseases also.

• Homeodent toothpaste helps to provide natural minerals to the teeth for their proper development

• Homeodent toothpaste is a combination of natural homeopathic remedies that are found to have anti-microbial and anti-oxidant properties. All the remedies used in this toothpaste helps to fight against any disease causing organism effectively and efficiently.

Indications for Homeodent toothpaste
• Homeodent toothpaste is recommended for everyone to use it daily for brushing teeth to keep teeth strong and healthy.

• Homeodent toothpaste has shown excellent results in people suffering from different diseases such as gingivitis, bad breath, inflammation of gums, etc.

• Homeodent toothpaste is a very unique solution for all the problems of teeth and gums.

• Homeodent toothpaste helps to stop bleeding of the gums by providing sufficient nutrients and minerals to the teeth.

• Homeodent. It is natural toothpaste prepared from homeopathic remedies and does not produce any side effects.

Dosage of Homeocal tablets
It is recommended to take four tablets, four times a day.